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With Over 19 Years of Experience, we have Setup Over 2,420 Shopify Stores...
and sold 7* figures in our own online boutique

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We Have Setup Over 4,000 Shopify Stores...and sold 1,217,255.28 in 
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With Over 19 Years of Experience, we have Setup Over 2,420 Shopify Stores...
and sold 7* figures in our own online boutique

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Here Are a Few Sample Products:
Keep in mind that inventory is changing DAILY, and there are THOUSANDS of products to choose from. We'll pick the TOP options at the time your custom store is setup.
Our Clients LOVE the Simplicity of this Done For You Store...
How Boutique Dropshipping Works

No more up front inventory costs or shipping logistics. With dropshipping, products are sent directly from your wholesaler to your customers.

Your online store gets setup by our team

Your customer places an order from your online store & pays you retail price for their order

Your dropshipping supplier receives the order, you pay them the wholesale price, and they prepare your customer’s order

Your dropshipping supplier ships the order directly to your customer. You keep the difference between what the customer paid & what you paid the dropshipper in profits!

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to have a Shopify account?
No, we will setup your Shopify dropshipping store for you. It will come with a free trial from Shopify. 
What if I already have a Shopify Store?
In order to keep our prices where they are, we setup all stores from scratch. If you already have a Shopify store and would like us to add your products to that instead, please purchase that option by checking the box to have us "work in the store you already have" at checkout. It is at the bottom of the category options list. After you purchase what you'd like, email your "myshopify" URL to info@knittedbelle.com and we will request access to your store from our Shopify Partner account. :)
Where are the products dropshipped from?
The dropshipper we set your store up with is vetted, and has great reviews from thousands of Shopify store owners. They ship from both the US and overseas, but the quality is great and they are trustworthy. You are also welcome to order samples of any items to check quality or use for live sales.
Are these products good quality?
The dropshipper we use provides boutique-quality products. Carina has personally sold seven figures online in her own boutique, and these products are on-par with what she has seen from great vendors as a boutique buyer since 2013.
Is this legit?
It is totally legit. Carina has been an online boutique owner since 2013, and coaching ladies in ecommerce since 2019. Her company is a Certified Shopify Partner who sets up over 300 stores per month. 
Do you pick my store's name?
We setup your store with a generic name. After you get access to your store, you can add the name and logo of your choice to your store.
Why is this so cheap?
We are a Shopify Partner, so we get paid by them to setup stores.  
How many products will I get on my store?
The standard store comes with 30 products installed. You are welcome to purchase as many niches/categories as you'd like. All categories will be placed into the same store. If you'd like something special done, please email us at info@knittedbelle.com after purchase and we can help!
How much time will I need to spend on this?
We understand that time is precious, but remember that our custom dropship store setup takes care of the heavy lifting. Once your store is up and running, you can manage it with ease, allowing you to focus on making sales and growing your business without investing countless hours into the setup process.
What is the average markup on products?
Depending on the category, markup will be anywhere from 100-400%.
What if I'm not great at selling things?
Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed. Our custom dropship store setup provides you with a professionally designed store, giving you a solid foundation to build on. As you learn and grow, you'll gain confidence in managing your business and overcoming any obstacles that come your way.
What if I don't have a huge budget?
Starting a business doesn't have to break the bank. Our custom dropship store setup offers an affordable solution that eliminates the need for inventory and warehousing, allowing you to run a profitable business with minimal upfront costs. With the right mindset and determination, you can overcome resource limitations and achieve success in your business.
Is this a business I can grow?
The dropshipping model is designed for growth. As your business expands, you can easily add new products and manage increased orders through your store's management platform. Embrace the opportunity to learn and adapt as your business grows.
How will I get sales?
Getting sales is a fun adventure! Simply dive into the exciting world of marketing with social media, creative content, and engaging emails to attract customers and watch those sales roll in as you learn, grow, and enjoy the journey! If you're a person who likes to go live, you can also purchase samples from the dropshipper and do live sales. Need help with your marketing plan, email us at info@knittedbelle.com.
What other fees are associated with this? 
You will have a free trial period with Shopify for your store, then you will have fees to keep your store live paid to Shopify each month. Their lowest plan is $39 per month. The dropship app we use does not have a cost associated with it, and there are no other fees unless you choose to purchase additional trainings or services from us.
Do you do any marketing for me?
Our team does not do any marketing for you, but we do teach how to do it. You'll get access to resources after your purchase.
What if I have my own products? Can I add them to my store?
Yes, you will be able to add any additional products to your store once it is created. 
How do I get my store?
Once your store is created, you will receive an email from us with login info and further instructions. It can take 5-7 business days to custom build your store.
Can I customize my store?
Yes, you are free to customize your store however you'd like..  
Will you text me about my store?
No, we will not text you. If you receive a text about dropship products, it is likely from the dropshipper your store was setup with. Please contact them directly as they are a separate company and we are not affiliated with them. We simply set up the connection between their software and your Shopify store. 
I've seen or purchased your VIP Experience. How is this different?
These stores include the setup of the connection to a dropshipper who will fulfill orders for you without the need for you to purchase inventory. Please check the VIP Experience module on Thinkific for everything included with that product. It is a different product, so these stores will not have the same setup. If you are interested in adding the VIP Experience to your dropship store(s), please email us at info@knittedbelle.com for the link to purchase.
What are your qualifications?
Carina Hatton, head of our team, became a small business owner back in 2003 when she purchased a franchise donut shop. She started her online boutique website in 2013 and has sold seven figures of her own products online. She has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems (programming) and a Master's in Business Administration. She has been coaching and consulting ecommerce clients since 2019.  


Nice to virtually meet you! My name is Carina and that's me with my family loving LIFE FULLY all because I now have my own 7 figure boutique store!

Do you love clothing or fun fashion? 

I started my boutique out of a love for clothing (and anything really) with fun prints and patterns, and a unique look.

It had always been a dream for me.  One day walking into my job, my boss called a bunch of us into a conference room and I was thinking...

"Wow this is GREAT I'm going to get a raise".

Boy was I wrong. 

My shoulders slumped, heart almost stopped when my boss announced that we are downsizing.

Security guards walked me and a bunch of my colleagues to our office cubicles to pack up and leave.

Dejected, shoulders slumped, I sheepishly walked out of the office with complete shame.

I sat in my car...started driving home and then a small thought that kept getting bigger and BIGGER kept repeating in my head:

"Carina, now is the perfect time to START that DREAM boutique you always wanted to".

I felt like my Guardian Angel was guiding me.

So I did it and after TONS of trial and error, took my boutique to 7 figures! 

And now it's time for me to be "that guardian angel" for you.

Dreams can come true.

All you have to do is take  the first step with me.

Let me build YOUR DREAM STORE for you with 30 winning products that SELL!
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