What if you could open an Online Boutique without failing?

What if you knew all the things to avoid so you were set up for success right from the start?

I've put together "16 Ways to Fail at Opening an Online Boutique" just for you so you'll know what not to do! 
Plus, as a bonus, you'll get a worksheet and checklist to tell you what it takes to get started! 
Do it now before time runs out!
"I am so grateful for Carina's secrets. I now have a clear path. Carina has given me a plan to keep me on task and not overthinking the process. She has taught me how to sell the right way and the pitfalls to avoid. I feel like I got a hold of the best secret in town! I was so tired of creating my own path and making so many mistakes that I got worn out and gave up several times." - Jen Taylor
Three Reasons You Need "The 16 Ways to Fail at Opening an Online Boutique"
the worst thing you could waste your money on
What is the worst thing you could waste your money on? Lots of women start up and spend way too much money on the wrong things.
lack of ______ causes boutiques 
to fail
What do the majority of new boutique owners lack that causes them to fail?
What is the #1 business killer?
How do you avoid this thing that will kill your new boutique business faster than anything else?
Who Am I?
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